Mobile Marketing – Target the Human Not the Mobile Number

There was a great article recently in Mobile Marketing  Magazine about the importance of talking to your customers and prospects as humans rather than just mobile numbers in a database. This has long been the mantra of direct marketing types, not just those involved in mobile.

We often notice that customers will send out a single bulk sms campaign to their entire database. So all customers are treated in exactly the same way despite the wealth of information that they hold on the individual customers.

With other direct marketing channels like email or direct mail, there is a limit on the number of different offers that you can practically implement. Mobile marketing does not share the same limitations. As there are no creative costs, databases can be segemented into much smaller target markets. The more precise and relevant a mobile marketing campaign is, the higher the response rate.

Marketers need to change their mind set when considering a mobile marketing strategy. While mobile marketing is indeed a direct marketing channel, it has different rules and needs a different approach. It is by far the nimblest and cost effective of the disciplines and bulk sms campaigns can be deployed in a matter of minutes at very low cost.

Text Marketer customers are often surprised at how easy it is to get a bulk sms account up and running and how little they have to spend to get their first campaign in the hands of their target market. Customers tend to assume that you’ll need a certain level of IT expertise and that they’ll need to contact their IT support department for support.

Our bullk sms systems have been developed with marketing, not IT people in mind. If you haven’t yet opened an account you can do so here. You’ll get 10 free text credits to test the service before committing any budget. If you’d like to discuss your mobile marketing strategy with us, please call on 0117 2050202.