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Sending to non-UK International numbers with Text Marketer

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Text Marketer accounts are set to send to UK mobile numbers only by default.

If you wish to enable your account for non-UK numbers, please contact us with your account company name and account number.

Can I send Text Messages to any country once my account is enabled for international?

If only life was so simple! Different countries have different rules about SMS that originates from a system (in other words Bulk SMS systems – even if it is 1 message – compared to phone to phone SMS’s).

For example, some countries won’t allow SMS’s that have alphanumerics in the Sender ID. Some will strip it out and replace it with a number, others won’t deliver it at all.

To complicate matters, some networks around the world will also change their policies without notice or even historical notification of the change!

The general rules of international SMS coverage via your Text Marketer account;
UK – Guaranteed delivery if the number is live & valid and the phone is switched on & has coverage (exceptions may apply where certain smartphones use SMS blocker software).

EUROPE – There are no known restrictions with Sender ID’s at this time. All European countries are currently OK.

USA – Because of the legacy of the networks’ pricing models in the US, currently only around 60-70% of messages would arrive on a US handset. The main reason for this is that some people still have to pay to receive messages! To be able to send to these people you have to have a US shortcode and comply with their laws because of course you are technically charging people to receive your SMS. Text Marketer don’t provide a US shortcode service.

INDIA & BANGLADESH – There have been massive law changes and bans in India of late with Bulk SMS. At the current time we would say to avoid relying on SMS being delivered in India or Bangladesh – although intermittently, it may be OK.

REST OF THE WORLD – We have no reported restrictions at this time on other countries but we would advise testing if you have a specific country you’re interested in. Consider the fact that some countries do not allow alphanumerics in the Sender ID so if it doesn’t work, try your reply number as the Sender ID.

We will update this area if we are advised of any changes.

What’s the difference?

The main difference is cost. Non-UK networks charge ‘interconnect fees’ to deliver your message (as they are separate companies). This means that each message to a non-UK mobile number will cost double the amount of credits shown in the credit counter on your account.

Even though it is ‘double credits’, because of our incredibly low prices per credit, this means Text Marketer are still one of the cheapest international SMS gateways available.

Formatting international mobile numbers

If sending to non-UK mobile numbers (in an internationally-enabled Text Marketer account), you must ensure that you enter the number in full international GSM format, including the country code.

In most countries mobile numbers start with a zero and the easiest way to remember international formatting is “replace the zero with the country code” (you don’t need any + sign before the number).

Here are a few examples:

UK – 07657345987 becomes 447657345987
DENMARK – 024215712 becomes 4524215712
NEW ZELAND – 0211238815 becomes 64211238815
AUSTRALIA – 0211238815 becomes 61211238815

Does it affect sending to UK numbers?

No. Your account will work out which numbers are UK and which aren’t and charge you accordingly.

To enable your account for international mobile numbers, please contact us with the company name of your Text Marketer account to request the change.

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