SMS Reminder Alerts Reduce 'no shows' by 70%

No-shows can be incredibly costly for businesses and organisations who make appointments with their customers. Hair salons, restaurants, doctors, dentists and many others are literally losing thousands of pounds per year because of people not turning up for their appointments.

But, this can be avoided with a simple text message reminder the day before.

A recent real-world case study posted at Mobile Marketing Magazine illustrates the point beautifully;

“Global Hair Limited, in Peacehaven, near Brighton, has 4,700 clients. The company was experiencing issues with client missing appointments, creating an increasing amount of spare time for the salons stylists and costing the business lots of money in missed revenue. To address the problem, the salon deployed a text messaging solution with dramatic results, as Global Hair Director Emma Fulgoney explains.

She says:
“SMS reminders have improved our amount of no-show clients who may have forgotten the date and time of their appointment, therefore leaving a stylist in the salon with sometimes up to two and a half hours of down time, which is clearly bad for business and profits. We calculate that our number of no-shows has been reduced by approximately 70% since we’ve been using TextMagic and we expect this number to improve further as we obtain more clients’ mobile numbers.”


Using Text Marketer’s ‘designed for users, not techniciansonline SMS software (a free trial account with 10 free credits is available), it can take as little as 20 seconds to copy and paste a list of numbers, write a quick reminder message and hit the send button. Texting reminders costs around 3p per message.
In addition to this, using Text Marketer’s revolutionary txtUs product means you can also receive instant replies to the messages you send (to confirm yes to the appointment or no and re-book for example) and receive all the responses in your email inbox & reply via email too.