Uses for an SMS Service – It's Not Just About SMS Marketing

It’s all too easy to think of a bulk sms service as just an effective marketing tool; a way of pushing sales messages to prospects and customers. You can overlook a whole range of other ways that a bulk sms service might be useful in your organisation.

Perhaps the least used application for a business sms service is as a way of communicating with members of staff, particularly those that are home based. SMS is a very effective way of getting out an urgent piece of information, with minimum fuss and in the shortest time possible.

Text Marketer customer Amey have used bulk sms as a way of enforcing its ban on the use of mobile phones while driving.

The text service reminds drivers that using a phone while driving is dangerous and not acceptable, even when using hands free. Implementing such a significant change to the way employees work on a day to day basis needed an innovative way of getting the message across in a forceful and memorable way. SMS has a way of cutting through like no other communication can.

If you’re planning on using bulk sms solely  as a way of keeping in touch with staff, then the costs will be very low indeed. Accounts are free to set up and come with 10 free text credits so that you can test the service at no costs. You can buy exactly the number of text message credits that you need for your sms alert, so they’ll be no wastage. If you haven’t already set up a free bulk sms account, you can do so here. The system itself is very easy to use and has been developed with marketers, not IT people in mind.

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