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Text message enquiry system reduces costs and increases enquiries

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RoughTrax, one of the leading independent suppliers of 4×4 Toyota parts, recently integrated the text message enquiry and reply system txtUs.

txtUs is designed to give a business a unique mobile number (like having a fax number) which customers and prospects can use to text the company. Texts come in as a standard email to the company and can be replied to using a standard email program too.

A phenomenal success!

RoughTrax report, “customers absolutely love the system. It means they can contact us whenever they want as they always have their mobile with them and when we reply, they get our reply instantly”. Barry, Director of RoughTrax, goes on, “we’ve really noticed a surge in enquiries since we published the mobile number on our site, good ones too! Also, the time it takes us to answer using txtUs is about 10 times less than making a phone call”.

Fully integrated into RoughTrax’s contact channels ….

RoughTrax have added their txtUs number on their web site and are now reprinting their stationery to include their new number.

A real opportunity for business to gain a competitive advantage

There’s no getting away from it, this is a new system and it takes a little while for customers to get used to texting companies they deal with. But, when they do, the results are astounding.

Not only do you increase enquiries and save costs (on calling mobile phones), you gain an advantage over your competition because people like using text messaging and they’ll stick with companies who use it.

No other company provides such a unique product for business to use text message marketing in their day to day business – at only £25 per month with no long term contracts (you can cancel after month 1 if you like), there seems little reason to not at least try it.

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