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Using a Short Code for SMS

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Using Short Code SMS

In the UK, sending an SMS to a short code usually involves a 5 digit number, such as 88888 or alike.

Most people use short code SMS as a quick and easily memorable number for people to text to from advertising. For example, you could say in your advert, “text INFO to 88802″ for more information. This short code is easier to remember than sending an SMS to a full 07xxxxxxxxx number.

At Text Marketer, we offer a full short code SMS service and we are also the cheapest short code supplier, starting at just £5 per month per keyword.

A unique short code SMS service

Text Marketer also has a unique twist to its short code SMS service. You can autorespond not only with a text message but also an email. This is great for sending back information to people from an advert and also capturing their mobile number and email address. It simply works by asking the person to include both the keyword and their email address in the message.

Get more response to your adverts

Study after study has shown that including a short code SMS response mechanism in your advertising should uplift response rates by around 25% and amazingly, up to half of people normally choose to respond using the short code option.

The best short code SMS service

We’ve aimed to make our short code SMS service the best by making it the cheapest and including the unique feature of auto responding by email. Every keyword is free for the first week as well (which you can cancel at any time) because we are so confident that Text Marketer offer you the best deal.

Why not take a free test drive of our unique short code SMS service and see for yourself?

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