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Restaurant Mobile Marketing

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Booking enquiries can increase as much as much as 50% using a text option

Booking a restaurant is often a impulsive decision but a lot of people refrain from ‘making that call’ for a whole host of reasons. Not so with text messaging. Research shows that most people are much more likely to send a text message enquiry.

Using a unique system, like Text Marketer’s txtUs product, your business can now have a standard mobile number which allows people to send text enquiries (but not call the number). These SMS enquiries are converted to an email and sent to your email address. When you reply to that email, your reply is sent back as a text message. If the conversation continues, all the history is contained on subsequent emails so you know what’s been said before.

Building more restaurant ‘regulars’

Restaurants are also finding they build a more loyal customer base too. They find that customers save their txtUs number in their mobile phones and because it is more convenient, tend to enquire to their restaurant first the next time they’re booking a table.

Building a marketing list

The txtUs system also automatically stores all the mobile numbers of enquirers. The platform can then also be used to send out bulk messages, for example to promote an event, which of course, can be booked by replying to the text you have sent.

Restaurants embracing this customer-driven technology are seeing great gains over their competition.

See http://www.textmarketer.co.uk/txtUs.htm for more information.

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