Mobile Marketing – New App Promoted By Bulk SMS

The British Osteopathic Association has recently launched a new smart phone app aimed at both members and non members alike. The app contains information about osteopathy, what it can treat and who it can treat.

Text Marketer has been chosen as the bulk sms provider to help promote it. The BOA will be running a series of bulk sms campaign to its membership to help raise awareness of what the app can do.

“If you are reading this text on an iPhone or Android phone, download the BOA’s new Osteopathy App.”

Using a bulk sms service to promote an app is a logical step to take. Users can simply click on a link in the text and be taken directly to the relevant download site. The aim of the mobile marketing campaign is to get as many people as possible to download it and make regular use of it.

As the level of smart phones increases rapidly, it won’t be long before most consumers will be able to download apps and using a bulk sms service will become an increasingly popular way of letting people know about it. The key here is not to fall into the trap of having an app for app’s sake! As I reported in a previous post, 99% of apps are useless and promoting them via mobile marketing won’t make them any more useful. They need to engage and actually have some real benefit to the user or they”ll just end up being downloaded and never used.

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