Mobile Marketing – Royal Wedding SMS Marketing Campaign

Bristol Zoo have got into the royal wedding mood with a Kate and Wills themed mobile marketing campaign. It’s a harmingly simple idea. If you want to get two for one tickets to Bristol Zoo Gardens at any time in May, all you need to do is text the word wedding to 88802.

You’ll then get an automated text response inviting you to present the text when you arrive.

“Thank you for texting Bristol Zoo. Show this text to get 241 entry during May 2011. Restrictions apply. View T&Cs”

The sms campaign is being promoted in a series of local publications as well as appearing on the zoo’s web site. Using Text Marketer’s web based mobile marketing platform, Bristol Zoo was able to set up the entire campaign in a matter of minutes, without needing to contact account managers or raise support requests.

By logging into their account, they were able to check the availability of the keyword that they wanted and set up a low cost monthly subscription. They could then easily configure the keyword by adding an automated text response and setting up email alerts.

As there is no minimum period or set up fee, this sms response option is ideal for tactical, short term mobile marketing campaigns like this one. The fact that it can all be set up and controlled by the marketers running the campaign puts them in complete control from start to finish. Mobile marketing concepts can be translated into live campaigns almost instantly. It’s this speed and ease of implementation that wrenches control away from marketing agencies and puts it back firmly in the hands of the company. Powerful stuff.

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