Bulk SMS

Can bulk sms be used in conjunction with other communication channels?

Bulk SMS undoubtedly excels as an extremely effective stand alone direct markeintg tool. Response rates to bulk sms campaigns easily outperform all other forms of direct marketing. Bulk sms campaigns are also extremely cost effective when compared to other options. What many companies haven’t yet considered though is combining a bulk sms campaign with an e-mail campaign.

How would you combine a bulk sms campaign with e-mail?

We’re all aware of how hard it is to make an e-mail campaign work well. Campaigns tend to get lost in a mountain of junk. An extremely effective way of improving open rates though, is to follow up with a bulk sms campaign. A sports equipment customer sent a bulk sms campaign to all members who had just received an e-mail, informing them that their new season equipment was now in stock and on the web site. The bulk sms campaign had the effect of improving open rates from 7.5% to an impressive 19.5%.

Could you combine bulk sms with direct mail?

A Bulk SMS campaign can be used to support any other type of communication. One call centre customer regularly uses bulk sms in conjunction with their direct mailing campaigns. So bulk sms can be used as a kind of glue that ties together all you communication activities. To find out how easy it is to set up bulk sms, please give us a call on 0117 2050202.