Integrate Salon Iris SMS reminders and save a lot of money

Text Marketer have recently updated their email to SMS gateway to allow Salon Iris users to integrate with them and save a great deal of money on their text messaging costs.

Text Marketer are the lowest cost provider in the UK. Currently Salon Iris users are advised to use Text Magic, whose starting price per text is 6.8p per SMS. Text Marketer’s starting price is just 3.7p – a whopping saving of 3.1p per message sent – almost half the price!

I’m a Salon Iris user – how do I swap to Text Marketer?

The process is very simple indeed and should take just a few minutes;

1. Get a Text Marketer account and buy some credits for it then set up your Text Marketer account for domain authentication (option 1 in these instructions)

2. Change your preferred text to SMS provider sending domain to in Salon Iris (their instructions)

3. Simply add two hashes ## to the end of the text message reminder you have set up in Salon Iris (this is to tell our system it’s the end of the message).

That’s it.

You’ll then be saving up to 3.1p for every text message reminder you send in Salon Iris.

If you need any support you can contact Salon Iris here.