SMS Advertising for your business

Is sms advertising right for my business?

Use sms advertising wisely!

SMS advertising is simply using the mobile phone as a way of communicating by text with your customers and prospects. Think of sms advertising as just another communication tool that can work alongside your existing activities such as e-mail or direct marketing. Sms advertising should be targeted very carefully as the mobile is a very personal object. So while sms advertising is extremely responsive there is no quicker way to annoy, infuriate and alienate your customers than by sending them badly timed and poorly targeted offers.

Use Bulk SMS sparingly and the results will be impressive.

How do I get started in sms advertising?

Text Marketer’s sms advertising solution has no set up fee or monthly subscription and message costs are among the lowest in the industry. For a free account simply give us a call on 0117 2050202, we’d love to hear from you.