Why does it matter which SMS gateway we use?

The SMS gateway debate.
Buying from the mobile marketing industry is a tricky business. There are a vast range of similar looking SMS companies all seeming to offer the same service. What should be near the top of your list of things to look out for is which SMS gateway the company use. The SMS gateway can make the difference between your message arriving on the customer’s mobile phone as planned or disappearing into a black hole.
The main thing to check is whether the SMS gateway is a direct UK connection. A UK SMS gateway delivers the highest level of reliability.
Why not use an overseas SMS gateway?
This is simply a question again of reliability. An overseas SMS gateway is far more likely to lose messages and will probably not support features such as delivery reporting or dynamic sender ID. Our view is that an overseas SMS gateway is serious false economy.
Won’t a UK SMS gateway be more expense?
We don’t believe it should! Text Marketer uses a UK SMS gateway and our SMS gateway prices are highly competitive.