SMS Campaign Watch – Part 2. Frijj Text to Win Competition

Slightly later than planned, this is the second part of our blog series looking at consumer text response campaigns (following on from SMS Campaign Watch – Part 1. 7UP Text to Win Competition).
Now I’m not really the target market for Frijj, (a chilled milk chocolate drink) but this mobile marketing campaign really caught my eye and is without doubt one of the best text to win competitions that I’ve seen in a long while.

Creative Impact – Score  9.5 /10

win warren
It’s hard to imagine how Frijj could have created more impact than with their Win Warren mobile marketing promotion. By texting in the code, you get the chance to have Warren come round your house and do anything you want him to. What, Anything? Who’s Warren? Well there he is, staring gormlessly out at you from the pack. With his dark circled eyes and spotty face, he’s a highly desirable, multi-skilled all rounder, who’ll sort out all your domestic chores.
As well as being bold, this is an entertaining and original promotional concept that shows the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. Quirky fun.

Entry Instructions – Score  9.0/10

These couldn’t really have been clearer. All you had to do was enter the code and the word warren to a 5 digit short code. Concise, clear and delightfully simple.
The agencies involved have really thought about trying to reduce all the possible reasons why your wouldn’t bother to enter

Ease of Entry – Score 9.0/ 10

Entry to the text to win competition is a walk in the park. Note that they only require you to text in an 8 digit code, unlike Coke who on their recent text promotion insisted on using 12. Also unlike Coke, the code is gloriously legible – no guessing required. What a relief.

What happened Next? – Score 9.0/10

A few seconds after sending my text, came the following….
“Sorry mate, that code’s not a winner. But chin up. We’ve still got wicked prizes up for grabs. ‘Like’ Frijj on Facebook to check out what Warren’s up to now.”
That response ticks all the boxes. Firstly I’m told that I haven’t won. (Well no real surprise there.) But then I’m reminded that I’m in with a chance to win other goodies. Finally I’m directed to Facebook to continue my interaction with the brand and to find out more about the weird and wonderful world of Warren.

Terms and Conditions – Score 9.0/10

They’ve sensibly kept the on pack terms and conditions to a reasonable length and there are no nasty surprises such as hidden charges to enter.

Overall Score 45.5 / 50 – 91%

I hope this mobile marketing campaign sees Frijj sales rocket. Not only is the overall concept amusing and original but the attention to detail runs throughout the whole campaign. I’ll be intrigued to see how they follow this up.