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How Do UK Businesses View SMS Marketing?

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Text messaging is now seen by UK businesses as a vital communication tool and 65% of us send business texts daily.

Using Text Marketer’s ‘Quick Campaign’ module you can save your thumbs a lot of stress by sending text messages straight from your desktop.
Keeping in touch with colleagues has never been easier and with you’ll make significant savings on your telecoms bill.

Business Fast Facts

· 65% of people send business text messages from their mobile phone on a daily basis
· 50% of people receive business text messages from a member of their team/ department/ office
· 47% of people receive business text messages from a colleague
· 36% receive business text messages from a customer or client
· 71% of people use business texts for setting ‘reminders of meetings and appointments’
· 18% of people used business texts for ‘notifying people about new meetings and appointments’
· 14% of people use business text for ‘chasing up suppliers or new orders’
· A third of respondents (36%) said that they receive text messages from a customer or client
· 11% of people receive text messages from suppliers


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