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SMS Service

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How easy is it to set up an SMS service?

SMS service made simple

We’ve been having a discussion here in the office about why people believe that setting up an sms service is complicated and confusing. We all agreed that our industry is guilty of ‘smoke and mirrors’! But it really shouldn’t be too confusing, what we’ve tried to do is simplify the whole process and make setting up an SMS service a two minute job.

What to look out for when choosing an SMS service provider.

There are a few golden rules to bear in mind when you appoint your sms service company. Number 1 is undoubtedly price! We strive to provide the highest quality sms service at the lowest possible price. Next is the availability of a free trial for the sms service . We all want to see if it works before spending our hard earned cash. Also, watch our for buying an sms service that quotes the prices in credits. In some instances it requires more than one credit to send to the UK networks. We’ve put together a more detailed sms service buyer’s guide that we hope is useful.


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