Mobile Marketing – 30% discount offer for Body Shop Members

The Body Shop has used Text Marketer’s mobile marketing platform to offer a discount of 30% to all its customers. The offer was sent out to all ‘Love Your Body’ members and was available for just a limited period.

The mobile marketing campaign was combined with an email campaign with the simple objective to tempt as many customers as possible to either spend online or in store. As the discount was so generous, the campaign quickly generated a viral element, being picked up very quickly by discount websites such as Money Saving expert.

The power of mobile marketing is at its clearest where you have a limited time offer that you want to promote to as many possible people in the shorted possible time. SMS has the ability to cut through like no other marketing channel can.

ith read rates of over 98%, if you’ve got an incredibly strong offer like The Body Shop did, then mobile marketing would have to be at the top of your list of direct marketing options.

The entire mobile marketing campaign can be set up in a very short space of time and last minute changes to either the copy or the offer can be made in a matter of moments. It’s this flexibility that marketers can be surprised by if they’re new to bulk sms. With all other communication channels, whether that be print, radio or email, there comes a point when you’re committed and there is no long an option to change things.

Text Marketer’s mobile marketing platform has been designed for non technical people. From setting up an account to dispatching your first campaign, the process is quick, waffle-free and surprisingly straightforward. If you haven’t yet dipped your toe in the world of mobile marketing, you can set up a free account and get some free text credits for testing.

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