Mobile Marketing – Relief as Bannatynes Includes SMS Opt Out

In a previous post we had a little moan about Bannatyne’s Gym. Lapsed customers were kept being sent mobile marketing text messages to try and tempt them back. Now there is nothing at all wrong with that, in fact it is was a sensible target for them, these were once customers who enjoyed using the gym, but for whatever reason had moved on.

The issue they had, was there was no unsubscribe option on their campaigns. So along with them breaking the rules, with some customers there was absolutely no chance of them rejoining, yet they would keep sending these messages month after month. This is not only a waste of money, but will frustrate any potential customer to never rejoin them again.

bannatyne logo
Thankfully from one of their latest mobile marketing campaigns, it gave customers option to get the hell off their list and never be contacted again. They offered an opt-out where customers could message them asking them to stop.

This whole experience goes to show just how important it is to include an unsubscribe option on mobile marketing campaigns. In fact you’re legally obliged to according to the Information Commissioner’s Office. We are not sure what the penalties are for those companies that transgress, but it’s better not to even run the risk.

As this is such as important issue, Text Marketer accounts automatically come with an unsubscribe tool when the account is set up. So to unsubscribe from receiving further mobile marketing messages, all a customer has to do is text a 4 letter code to 88802. The account will then not allow you to send any further texts to that number. It’s a fail-safe system that means you can’t send mobile marketing messages to anyone that has opted out.

Feel free to set up an account if you’d like to see how it all works. You’ll get some free text credits for testing. We’re always happy to chat through your mobile marketing plans, so do call us on  0117 2050202.