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Paragon Partners with Text Marketer

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Routing and scheduling optimisation software specialists

Paragon Software Systems is the established leader in vehicle routing and scheduling systems, dedicating 100% of its business to the transport optimisation sector.  With 25+ years experience implementing these systems for over 400 companies in 45 countries, ranging from small distributors to leading logistics companies and large retailers, Paragon’s versatile software with its advanced routing and scheduling technology is helping businesses to cut transport costs, improve productivity, reduce planning time and raise customer service levels.

Cost effective text messaging from Text Marketer

Paragon has teamed up with Text Marketer to give users access to low cost SMS text messaging in the UK. Using Text Marketer’s bulk messaging services, Paragon users can automatically send text messages to customers providing planned delivery time information and ETA updates when a vehicle is en-route.

There are no set-up costs or monthly fees for this texting service and all new users receive 50 free text credits for testing.

Service highlights include:

>        No set up fee

>        No monthly fee

>        Credits never expire

>        50 free credits to test the service.

The link to Text Marketer is available to clients using Paragon Version 5.5 (build 150) and above.

Benefits of using the low cost text messaging solution include:

Automated Text Message Delivery Alerts

Inform your customers of scheduled deliveries

Alerting customers about planned delivery times is a great way of improving your customer service and allows them to prepare for their delivery – to ensure a speedy turnaround for your drivers. There is standard functionality in your Paragon system that enables you to do this easily on a daily basis.

Paragon Fleet Controller

Fleet management software linked with real time vehicle tracking

Fleet Controller is Paragon’s fleet management software solution that enables real-time vehicle activity to be tracked automatically against the planned routes and schedules. This gives transport managers real-time visibility of how the day’s plan is progressing and provides an accurate picture of transport and service performance. Use Paragon Fleet Controller and Text Marketer’s bulk messaging services to send automated delivery alerts to customers with updated ETAs.

Automating customer ETA alerts on the day of delivery

Using Fleet Controller to send customers updated arrival time estimates via SMS text message.

If you are using Fleet Controller to track your vehicles against their planned schedules, you can set it to automatically send your customers updated ETAs (estimated time of arrival) via SMS text message, when the vehicle is on its way. Fleet Controller can, for example, be configured to send an automated alert when the vehicle is, say, 45 minutes away. This automated messaging system is not only a great way of delivering good customer service, but also helps your fleet productivity – for example, by reducing driver waiting time when customers are ready to receive their delivery.

First, set up your Text Marketer account

Setting up your account to send SMS messages is very straightforward indeed.

Setup your free Text Marketer account here - use promotional  code ’paragon‘ and we will give you 50 FREE text credits.

Setting up SMS within the Paragon software

SMS Gateway Configuration tab (Communication Configuration dialog)

Paragon users can configure the required account information by accessing the SMS Gateway Configuration tab from within the Paragon Workbench.  Select Text Marketer from the SMS provider drop-down list. Enter your SMS account user name, password and other account details provided by Text Marketer. If entering an SMS originator, this can be a maximum of 11 characters.

More information on the Paragon routing and scheduling software solutions and fleet management systems can be found at www.paragonrouting.com/uk.

Buying more SMS credits

To purchase more text credits, simply go to the Text Marketer home page, click the logon link in the top right corner. When you’ve logged into your account, simply hit the Buy Credits button. You can pay for credits online using a credit or debit card.

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