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Business SMS – Molson Coors Uses SMS for Staff Communications

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Molson Coors uses sms serviceGlobal beer brewer Molson Coors is using Text Marketer’s sms service as a way of getting important information to staff members. Delivering  its wide range of beers from brewery to consumer is a complex business and using sms to get crucial instructions to staff members is an effective way of making sure that messages are reaching the right people and are acted upon.

An sms service is the most efficient way of making sure that important information or instructions get to the right people immediately. 97% of all texts sent are opened, with 83% being opened within the hour. Compared with email where as little as 35% of messages are read, using an sms service you have the best possible chance that your message is getting to right people immediately.

Using delivery reports, Text Marketer’s SMS service allows users to check the delivery of their sms campaigns. Each sms campaign automatically creates a delivery report which can be downloaded to an Excel or csv file. The report lists all the numbers that were sent to and provides an outcome against each. (Delivered or failed.)

Increasing numbers of UK businesses are starting to use an sms service for all kinds of communications. Bulk sms has traditionally been seen as a marketing tool, a sales channel to get offers out to large numbers of prospects or customers at low cost. While this is indeed very effective, there are a wide range of other applications for an sms service.

One of the main attractions with using an sms service is that there is no set up fee, monthly fee or contract, so you can get started at a very low cost, without the need to have a specific budget for the activity.

If you’d like to see how using an sms service might work for you, then you can set up a free account here. You’ll also receive 10 free text credits to test the service. please feel free to cal us on 0117 2050202 if you’d like to discuss how sms might work for you.

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