Mobile Marketing – Bathstore Sales Surge 32% Using SMS

New marketing strategies need to be tested before they’re rolled out. With this basic principle in mind, Bathstore set out to discover whether text marketing could have an impact on sales. The idea was a simple one. Send a text offer out to all customers who had purchased a Bathstore product over the past 18 months, where the customer had provided their mobile number as the contact number.

The results of the initial trial were eye opening to say the least. Steve Hallett, store manager said:

“We were surprised at the result of this campaign. Sales increased by 32% the day after we sent the messages. We’ll be using this next time we have a promotion on.”

The pilot sms campaign itself was incredibly straightforward to set up. The web based bulk sms account was set up in a minute or 2 and within 5 minutes the first test message had been sent.

Then it was simply a case of coming up with a suitable offer that would appeal to as many customers as possible and drive them to store. Text Marketer will be working closely with Bathstore over the coming months to help them refine the campaign to improve the response rates still further.

Set up a free account with 10 free text credits  and you’ll be abe to assess whether mobile marketing might work for your organisation.