Mobile Marketing Case Study – Dominos Pizza

Dominos use bulks smsMobile marketing is firmly established as a powerful and profitable tool for the fast food industry. All of the large fast food giants are now using bulk sms as a way of increasing sales and most of them use Text Marketer as a bulk sms provider.

Dominos Pizza franchisee Sean Callum had been using sms successfully for a few years before deciding to assess different providers to see if he could reduce his costs.

“I looked at several providers and set up trial accounts with a few of them. They all seemed to have quite similar online systems and most seemed quite easy to get to grips with.
What attracted me to Text Marketer was the price. The cost per text was almost half what I was paying previously and at least 25% cheaper than any of the other bulk sms companies that I found. The system itself is so easy to use, we got up and running in 5 minutes.
As my text costs are now lower, the ROI per sms campaign has increased. This means that I can afford to send more offers to my customer base.”

If you haven’t yet tried Text Marketer, set up a free account. You’ll get 10 free text credits for testing. There are no monthly fees or minimum order.
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