Case Study – Cycle Shop Packs Workshops Using SMS

SMS Campaign Delivers 600% Return on Investment

Text Marketer works with a number of bike shops who use sms as a way of communicating with their customers. There is simply no more effective way of getting service reminders or sales offers to customers. Unlike email where you might expect around 30% of the messages to be read, with a bulk sms campaign, 98% of texts that land on mobiles are read and the vast majority within 5 minutes or so.
Response rates to sms marketing campaigns are also around 5 times higher than any other form of direct marketing. (Source – Mobile Marketing Association.)

Swinnerton Cycles in Stoke On Trent has recently use Text Marketer’s SMS software with remarkable effect. With the onset of Autumn, most cyclists start to think about gearing their bikes up for winter to make sure they’re as safe as possible. With this in mind Swinnerton Cycles sent out a bulk sms campaign to its customer base with a simple, low cost gear and brakes service offer.

“Winter Service Check – 1 Week Only – Starting 19/9/11, Brake & Gear Check only £20.00 Book now on 01782747782. Only 100 Spaces Available. Swinnerton Cycles”

It’s a simple offer that was surprisingly effective. Within a couple of days of the message going out, the workshop had booked 42 services, generating a minimum of £840. On top of this, customers will be spending considerable sums on accessories such as lights, batteries, jackets etc. So the total spend  figure will be significantly higher. The total cost of the text campaign was just £126 so for every pound spent on text messages, an absolute minimum spend of £6.66 was generated. (We’ll update these figures when we have the results from accessories sales.)

Try SMS marketing for free – Send 100 texts at no cost

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How could you use SMS?

There are countless ways that you could use sms marketing to generate business, here are few examples.

  • Great value service offers.
  • New range of bikes now available
  • Offers on clothing and accessories
  • Ice warning alert for commuters
  • Your bike is now ready to be picked up
  • Workshop opening hours
  • Event notifications