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Buy Keywords on our Shortcode Service or txtUs numbers – Pay by Invoice instead of card

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Subscription payments by card. Generally speaking, annoying for the customer and the seller and many companies don’t even allow subscription payments by credit or debit card.

You can now buy keywords on our shortocde or txtUs dedicated virtual mobile numbers and we can simply invoice you so you can pay by BACS in the normal way. Then, when a renewal is due, your system will automatically email you another invoice for the next period at which point you can either choose to cancel or pay that invoice to extend the term of the keyword or txtUs number.

Is there any difference?
The main difference is that you can only choose renewal terms of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months using this system (you can pay month by month using our automated card subscriptions system). As you can appreciate, this has to be done to cover the additional administration cost of handling non-automated payments.

Setting up a keyword
- Log in to your Text Marketer account
- Go to Financials and click the ‘purchase’ button
- Enter the keyword you want to check it is available and click ‘buy’
- Click Generate Invoice and complete the details for the invoice
- We’ll send you the first invoice for payment and once paid, your keyword will be set up

Setting up a txtUs number
- Log in to your Text Marketer account
- Go to Financials and click the ‘purchase’ button
- Check the list and pick the number you want
- Click Generate Invoice and complete the details for the invoice
- We’ll send you the first invoice for payment and once paid, your number will be set up

Of course, our automated system is still available in your account should you be happy to pay the subscription payments by card but we hope this offers the flexibility to those customers who do not wish to.

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