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Recruitment Sector Reduces SMS Costs by 31% by Switching to Text Marketer

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Most recruitment agencies use SMS within their business. For many, it’s a vital and irreplaceable communication tool. There’s simply no more cost-effective way of getting a message directly to an applicant.

With no real signs of jobs growth, the focus inevitably turns to cost saving. Agencies are increasingly looking to find ways of trimming their spending as a way of helping them through the current slow patch.

SMS Costs Cut by 48%

An analysis of Text Marketer’s recruitment consultancy customers has revealed that there are huge savings to be made by switching SMS supplier. Taking 47 agencies who switched to Text Marketer in the past 12 months, the average saving was 31% with one company slashing their SMS bill by 48%.

SMS costs have come down dramatically in recent years and it’s clear that there are significant and worthwhile savings to be made. Cost reductions within the industry have not readily filtered down to businesses, so by shopping around for lower cost SMS providers, agencies can make a worthwhile dent in their spending.

Stuart Melville from Ashley Wells Recruit in Leicester commented:

“We came across Text Marketer by doing a quick search on the web. What was immediately obvious to us is that their costs are much lower than the company we’d been using before. We had been paying about 7 pence per text and we now pay just 3.7 pence. We send several thousand texts a month to our applicants, so our annual sms bill has reduced by about £3500.”

Making the Switch

Bond adapt sms integration

Adapt users can switch to Text Marketer with a few small changes in the account.

Most consultancies use specialist industry software to run their agencies, which usually have an SMS sending tool within them. Text Marketer have agreements with many of these software companies so switching from one SMS provider to another is very straightforward. Users of market leading Bond Adapt can integrate immediately just by making a few small change within the account. If you’d like to find out more about integrating your recruitment software with Text Marketer, call us now on 0117 2050202.

If you currently use a stand-alone bulk SMS system, switching couldn’t be easier. Simply set up a free account here. Use the promo code JOB when you sign up and you’ll receive 250 free text credits to trial the service. You can then buy additional low-cost SMS credits by credit card or by invoice.

Get up and Running in 90 Seconds

1. Set up a free account in 90 seconds.
2. Use promotional code JOB to receive 250 free text credits.
3. Login to your account and start trialling the system

Text Marketer’s job is to give you all the right tools and support to make switching bulk SMS provider as painless as possible. Please feel free to call us for a chat on 0117 2050202. We’d love to hear from you.

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