Mobile Marketing – Keep Testing

Mobile marketing in the UK is the most effective direct marketing channel. The response rates to mobile marketing campaigns outstrip those of direct marketing by over five times. (Source – Mobile Marketing Association.)

Most organisations which are new to mobile marketing are keen to see how successful it could be for them. In all the excitement, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the new technology at the expense of a properly thought through and appealing mobile marketing campaign. Customers and prospects are not excited that a company they deal with has started to use SMS. They’ll only be interested if what lands on their phones is appealing to them. So just because you’ve sent your customers a text, don’t expect a huge deluge of enquiries and orders.

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Mobile Marketing Testing Pays Dividends

To really get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign you need to test different approaches and offers, sent at different times of day. It’s highly unlikely that your first bulk SMS campaign will be the perfect formula. It’s only by testing and retesting that you’ll find out what works best. This is all pretty obvious and direct marketing gurus have been enthusing about the benefits of testing for decades.

So mobile marketing follows the same rules as all the other direct marketing channels such as mail and e-mail and a crucial part of that is the testing process. Some Text Marketer customers have tested over a dozen different campaigns before settling on the most effective one.

Domino’s Pizza franchisee Glen Craik, initially rejected mobile marketing as the response that he had from his first campaign was so poor. It took him over six months to devise the most responsive offer, which now generates a response rate of over 6%. So consistent is this response to his mobile marketing campaigns that he knows the exact quantity of ingredients to have in store to satisfy demand.

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