Bulk SMS Used as Call to Prayer

Following complaints about loud calls to prayer, it has been suggested that bulk sms is used instead of the centuries old tradition of singing from the mosque tops.

It seems that in Israel, cities with large Muslim populations such as Jerusalem, residents have had enough of being woken at odd hours with the discordant wailing. The suggestion of using bulk SMS to call the faithful to prayer is obviously causing a good deal of commotion in the delicately balanced state of Israel.

While the bulk SMS solution might be practical, the local Muslim population is rightly furious at the concept of losing the ‘Azan’ and replacing it with a soulless chirrup from a mobile. Maybe the bulk SMS could contain a link taking you to ‘Azan app’, allowing to tailor your own waking up in the middle of the night experience.

There’s no end to how bulk SMS can be used and this has to one of the weirder applications.

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