SMS Marketing – Business Link Case Study

Businesslink sms marketingBusiness Link was looking for a way to reduce the number of non-attendants to their business workshops. Although their booking systems sent out e-mails to confirm that the spots had been booked, there was still an uncomfortably high rate of non-attendance.

Using an SMS marketing company to send text reminders delivered a resounding success in reducing the number of ‘no shows’. SMS marketing enjoys open rates of over 98%, compared with e-mail where you can expect just 20% of recipients to read the message.

Sarah Barker who looks after the workshop bookings at Business Link commented:

“We’ve had a huge success with our first campaign – thanks for the help getting it set up.”

By using the merge to text tool, the message had even more impact as it was tailored to the individual recipient and included the deligate name along with the date and time of the event.

SMS marketing can be used as a reminder tool in a wide variety of ways and is an incredibly powerful way of getting your message straight into the hands of your customers.

Setting up an SMS marketing account is free and there are no contracts or monthly fees to pay. Free credits allow you to test the service before committing any funds. Call us on (0117) 205 0202 if you would like to discuss how SMS marketing could work for your business.