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Customer Bulk SMS Data – We Take Data Protection Seriously

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I’m about to upload my customers’ mobile numbers into my Text Marketer account. Is my data safe?

This is one of the commonest questions we’re asked by potential users of our bulk SMS service. It’s a completely understandable concern. if you’re about to upload all your precious customer data onto a new supplier’s bulk SMS system, you want to be absolutely convinced that it’s not going to be flogged onto some other company to use as they see fit.

Companies are not being paranoid in seeking assurance that their bulk SMS data is secure and won’t be passed on to any third party. So in simple terms, here is Text Marketer’s policy regarding the use of customer data stored within its systems.

We would never ever, pass on, sell or allow access to any customer data held on Text Marketer’s systems.

All data is password protected and stored on highly secure servers, hosted by Rack Space.

Customers who no longer wish to use their bulk SMS system, can request account deletion along with all customer data ever stored on the account.

So Text Marketer customers can be confident that when they load sensitive data onto their accounts, there will be no nasty surprises.

So if you haven’t already done so, please feel free to set up a bulk SMS account. We’ll give you some free credits for testing. Or feel free to call us on (0117) 205 0202.


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