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Still Without a Mobile Marketing Strategy? No Need to Panic

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Mobile marketing is on the move. For years now we have been told that the breakthrough is on its way. But at last, 2012 might be the year that mobile marketing genuinely becomes mainstream. It’s been a long time coming.

When Text Marketer was set up, way back in 1999, we believed that by around 2003 most companies in the UK would have adopted an integrated mobile marketing strategy. We probably underestimated the power of inertia and the fact that it’s human nature to stick closely to what you’ve always done.

So if you happen to work for one of the 70% of UK companies that don’t yet have a mobile marketing plan in place, where to start? It’s a murky and confusing world out there, cluttered with annoying terms such as QR codes (overhyped), short codes, long codes, MSDN and so on. To the uninitiated, it feels like you have to be part of some exclusive club to understand how it all works.

Getting started though, is truly just a 2 minute of affair. The best strategy is to ignore all the hype over things like QR codes and smartphone apps and concentrate on mobile tools that absolutely everyone uses. That means SMS. The starting point for the vast majority of mobile marketing strategies is to look at how bulk sms can be used as a way of communicating with your customers prospects or staff. So one of the first things that you need to do is take a look at a web-based bulk SMS tool. Once you’ve set one up you can start to explore how the use of SMS could be profitable for your business.

There is no cost to setting up a bulk SMS account with Text Marketer. You will also receive some free text credits for testing. Once you’ve logged on and started to send a few texts you’ll probably come up with all sorts of mobile marketing ideas. Please feel free to give us a call on 0117 2050202 and we can help you develop those ideas into an integrated mobile marketing plan.

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