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Send and receive SMS with our MailChimp plugin

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MailChimp is one of the leading online Email providers and you can now integrate your lists with Text Marketer’s SMS platform.

This provides you with 2 main advantages:

Use the power of short code marketing to allow people to join a list in your Mailchimp account. You get a free keyword on our 88802 short code which allows people to text in and join a list in Mailchimp (for advanced users you can also use our shortcode API to request their email address or other information too and add to Mailchimp).

You can instantly send an SMS, via Text Marketer, to any lists in your MailChimp account with mobile number information.

Text Marketer uses direct UK connections for ultimate reliability and if you request it we can also allow European and worldwide bulk SMS.

First, create a free Text Marketer account and use the promo code CHIMP, then we will add in 100 SMS credits for free!

Log in to your Message Box account. Go to Manage Contacts and then drop down the Your Data button on the Import section in the top menu. Choose Mailchimp. Then complete the API details (how to connect and generate an API key in Mailchimp) and other information in the Mailchimp box.

That’s it, you’re all integrated. You’ll now see your Mailchimp lists in the Mailchimp drop down of the Manage Contacts screen in Message Box.

How to populate the email address field in Mailchimp via text message

Your advert would need to say something like, “Text [yourKeyword] followed by a space and your email address to 88802″ (you could of course ask for more information if required like name)

You would then need to use the Text Marketer Incoming SMS API for your keyword to parse the incoming data

Then use the list Subscribe function in the Mailchimp API to inject the data into your list

MailChimp user comments:

“At last. I’ve always wanted to use Text Marketer with my MailChimp because their prices are low. Now it’s integrated, it’s a simply point and click operation and all my data stays in one place. Thanks guys. Your service works great thank you very much!”

John Partridge

“This is really good. I wanted a way that people could join my MailChimp lists by text message and Text Marketer provide a free code system that enables this. Although I was mainly looking for this, it turns out you can easily send out SMS too using their platform , integrate your lists and their text prices are really low. All in all – a tremendous find. Well done MailChimp and Text Marketer!”

Emma Parker 


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