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Is it Time to Switch Your Bulk SMS Account?

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Most of the companies that contact us are new to bulk SMS and are searching for a new supplier of a bulk SMS service. They’ll typically ring us and we chat through what they’re trying to achieve and then make recommendations. Then they normally set up a free account to test the service and we take it from there.

What is less common is for companies to contact us who already have a bulk SMS service in place. The leading providers, (we’d count ourselves amongst them) all have very robust services, good support and a good track record of providing a reliable service. So unless a company is looking to try and secure a better deal on their SMS service, there are precious few reasons to change.

Changing Bulk SMS provider – not as simple as throwing a switch

There are also risks associated with switching provider. Any new supplier will be an unknown quantity and if your bulk SMS service is a vital part of your customer communication that simply cannot fail, then the risk can just seem too great to justify the benefits.

There are often other costs with switching bulk SMS provider. If you’re using an SMS API then you’ll need to get your technical department involved to reconfigure the system to work with the new supplier. That inevitably sucks resource and time.

Inertia – a powerful force

So it seems there are plenty of reasons not change the status quo. It would need something pretty seismic to warrant the additional cost and hassle. A massive cost reduction saving the company thousands of pounds a year is often the only driver that would encourage a change of bulks SMS provider.

Huge SMS Price Differences

People often reasonably assume that most of the leading bulks SMS companies have more or less the same product and therefore more or less the same price structure. Surprisingly this is not the case. There are a spectacular number of different price tariffs, sliding scales and message bundles available and the savings that can be made often make a pretty strong case for switching.

Our price comparison table shows that the average saving to be bagged is an impressive 38% while the largest price difference is as much as 56%. So there comes a point when the bulk SMS price difference is so dramatic that inertia is overcome and the argument for switching cannot be ignored.

If you’d like to set up a free account and explore our platform, help yourself. We’ll add some free text credits for testing. We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to discuss anything. Our details are on our contacts page.

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