Sending SMS With Bond Adapt

Adapt recruitment software provides the ultimate user experience for fast-growing firms, helping you maximize business performance. Manage all recruitment processes via intuitive dashboards and workflows with SaaS technology that brings together a powerful CRM for sales management, searching, sourcing and reporting. Previously known as Bond AdaptUX, Adapt is an Erecruit product.

Erecruit Adapt has partnered with Text Marketer to offer its customers a low cost SMS API route for users of the Adapt recruitment CRM.

Text Marketer’s SMS API has been integrated with all versions of Adapt, so whether you’re using the latest cloud based system or one of the earlier software releases, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your SMS bill by switching to Text Marketer.

Text Marketer uses direct connections to UK networks, so despite being one of the lowest cost SMS providers, there is no compromise on the reliability of the service.

How to Use Text Marketer for Sending SMS with Adapt

Initially, you will need to open a free account with Text Marketer. Use the promo code ADAPT when you sign up and you’ll receive 100 free text credits for testing.

Once you’ve set up your account, you will need to know your API username and password.

To get your api username and password

1. Login to your account at Text Marketer.
2. Select the SETTINGS menu option and select API SETTINGS.
3. Your username and password is in red at the top, you will now need these for integration

The SMS API integration is free and will be conducted by the technical team at Erecruit. The set up process will only take a couple of days after which the service will be ready for testing. So having set up your Text Marketer account, speak to your Adapt account manager or ring the Adapt support department on 01903 707070.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and reducing your sms costs.