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Shreddies Launch Text to Win Competition

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Shreddies text to win competitionBreakfast cereal icon Shreddies has got together with Eurocamp to offer its customers a chance to win one of 75 European self-catering holidays.

The on–pack text to win competition appears on all Shreddies packs between now and the end of the year. For a chance to win one of the holidays, consumers simply text the word ‘eurocamp’ to five digit short code, 88802. It’s a simple mechanic that the brand is hoping will attract as many entrants as possible.

The prize of a potential free holiday will strike a chord as many of us are starting to think about longer days and summer holidays in the not too distant future.

Text Marketer is delighted to be working with sales promotion agency RMI services to deliver the technical elements of the mobile marketing campaign. Richard Hawley, Text Marketer director said:

“The appeal of simple text to win competitions is as strong as ever. Consumers still like the idea of being able to enter with minimum fuss and bother without having to go online or fill in a form. This mobile marketing campaign is one of a number of text to win competitions that we are running with major brands this year.”

If you’d like to discuss, your mobile marketing strategy, please feel free to call us on 0117 2050202. We have been providing sms services to UK companies since 1999 and would be delighted to share our ideas on the best way forward.

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