Send SMS from Netsuite UK Software

How to configure Netsuite UK to send SMS Text Messages

If you’re using Netsuite UK you will know that it has an inbuilt email function, however the open and read rates of emails is pretty low. When you want your message to get there, however trivial or urgent, SMS can serve that purpose. Sending an SMS from Netsuite UK is as simple as sending an email. In fact, it uses the email functionality of Netsuite UK and our Email-to-SMS Gateway.

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We’ve tested this process with a number of Netsuite UK users and from set up right through to getting your first SMS message out of Netsuite UK, the whole process takes just 10 minutes to fully integrate Netsuite UK with Text Marketer.

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Step 1 – Open an SMS account

First, you need an account with us, so that you can use our Email-to-SMS Gateway.
Open your free Text Marketer account
(Use the promo code Netsuite and we’ll add 100 free text credits to your account for testing – pre-filled with link above).

Step 2 – Setting where your emails come from

Go in to your Message Box account and click on Account Settings, then click on the Account Details Tab.
See “Email Gateway Settings” on that screen. First, click Active next to the “Use Domain Authentication” box to make it Active.
Then, enter the domain name your emails come from in the box. So if your emails come from for example, you would enter Then, click the Save button to save those changes.

Step 3 – Updating a contact record in Netsuite UK to have an Email-to-SMS address

You need to specially format an Email-to-SMS address for your contacts. Most people simply put this in as a second email address for a customer.
The format is [the-mobile-number], e.g.
Choose a test contact in Netsuite UK and update their secondary email address as per the above format, using their mobile number.

Step 4 – Sending your first SMS message in Netsuite UK

Let’s send your first SMS. All you’re going to do is the same process you would as if you were going to send this contact an email.
Choose your test contact. Choose the secondary Email-to-SMS address we set up earlier and then create your email message.
There is no need to put in subject in. The only difference is that you should end your message with ## … this tells our system where the end of the text message is (so it doesn’t send signatures or sign offs often automatically added to the end of emails).
For example, send “Hi, this is a test of our new SMS function in Netsuite UK. You can reply to this text. Thanks.##
Then send the email and your contact will receive the message as a text message.
You’ve now sent your first SMS message from Netsuite UK!


Can people reply to messages I send them?

In your account, you can set who the message comes from. This is called the Sender ID. It can be your company name for example (which people couldn’t reply to). Or, you can set it as a number to reply to. This could be an office mobile phone for example and then replies would come back to that. Or, you could rent a virtual mobile number where all replies come back in by email.
How much does each text message cost?
Our prices per text are very low. We even provide a competitor price comparison chart on our prices page.
I don’t want to put the ## at the end of each message. Can I change that?
Yes. Go to Account Settings then click on the Account Details Tab. In the Email Gateway Settings area, you’ll see ## in the Message Termination field. Change that to whatever you wish or remove it completely and everything in your email will be sent as an SMS. Click Save.
I’d like to be able to send from other Email programs like this, can I?
Yes. See our Email-to-SMS gateway instructions.