SMS Text Message Integration with Magento Ecommerce Software

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in use today. We have teamed up with Final SMS Pro, the leading SMS plugin for Magento, to bring you a leading SMS service that can benefit from our low SMS prices.

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Final SMS Pro brings the convenience of SMS customer service, branding and marketing to Magento. It’s developed from scratch to provide the final (as in ultimate) SMS solution for merchants seeking to include and extend the power of SMS to their eCommerce strategy using Magento. Combining this with Text Marketer’s low cost SMS gateway is the perfect combination.
Short overview of the features:
– Mobile number verification (Before registration or purchase)
– Sending of SMS’s configurable for any transactional Email
– Integrates into all third party extensions which send transactional Emails
– Scheduled/custom SMS’s to all customers, groups, single or backend users
– Full multi store support, incl. time zone recognition for scheduled messages
– Smart template variables and length calculation – No cropped or unexpectedly long SMS’s
– Realtime preview of actual SMS on order updates, showing customer name, etc. and comment
– Extensive logging, incl. support for delivery reports (Actual delivery to mobile) which most gateways provide
– Costs overview
– Supports Magento from 1.4.2 to the latest 1.6.2 (And of course the upcoming 1.7)
Step 1 – Open an SMS account with Text Marketer
You’ll need an account with us, so that you can use our SMS Gateway – Sign Up
Step 2 – Magento Plugin
Then, you will need the Final SMS Pro plugin for Magento
Step 3 – Configure Final SMS Pro with our gateway
Simply go to the backend of Final SMS Pro and choose Text Marketer as the gateway and enter you username and password you received when you signed up for your Text marketer account.
That’s it – your Magento is now SMS enabled.


How much does each text message cost?

Our prices per text are very low for a premium quality SMS gateway. We even provide a competitor price comparison chart on our prices page.