Receiving the short code incoming SMS to your mobile

Route incoming keyword SMS’s to your mobile

A new feature added to the Text Marketer keyword/shortcode system today. You can now have all incoming responses to a keyword on 88802 forwarded on to a mobile phone number by SMS. This means when you receive an SMS to your keyword we can forward on the entire response to you.
Please note this works for keywords on our short code only, not txtUs.

  1. Log into your Message Box account and click on “Account Settings” and click the “Account Details” tab.
  2. Change the alert mobile number to the mobile you wish to receive the response to and click Save.
  3. Next, navigate to ” Message Control” and click on your Keyword. Now click on configure in the top Panel.
  4. Finally in the box and the tab labelled Data Forwarding click into the API URL field and enter in the following: and click OK.

You’re all done, please note that it does require a credit to send the response to you so you’ll need to ensure you have enough credits in your account.
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