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SMS Integration with Amphis CRM Software

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Amphis CRM Software – SMS Text Messages Configuration

Text Marketer offers very low cost but high quality (Tier 1, direct to UK operators) SMS sending for Amphis CRM Software users.

To be able to send SMS Text Messages from Amphis CRM Software you need to create a FREE account with Text Marketer  – if you the AMPHIS promo code when signing up we will credit your account with 100 free SMS credits for testing. All you will need to do then is simple configure your account settings:

Configuration is performed from the Options->Configure SMS menu in Amphis.

SMS Service Provider Config URL Config POST String Config Success String
www.textmarketer.co.uk https://api.textmarketer.co.uk/gateway/?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&number=<!telnumbers!>&message=<!message!>&orig=BUSINESSNAME success

BUSINESSNAME is the name you want the SMS Message to be sent from ie the originator.

The USERNAME & PASSWORD is your Text Marketer API username & password (see SETTINGS | API CONFIG in your Text Marketer account).

Amphis Customer automatically replaces <!message!> and <!telnumbers!> with the message you wish to send and the telephone number(s) you wish to send to.

Should you require any further help on this feature, you may wish to contact Amphis Support.

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