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Reply Option Yields 17% More Response for Bulk SMS Campaign

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So many companies continue to just send one way, outbound bulk SMS broadcasts. There’s a massive wasted opportunity to generate more response from the target audience by including a simple text reply option (all Text Marketer accounts come with a free reply number).

If you have just received a bulk SMS marketing text, it makes perfect sense for you to be able to reply by text. In fact, if there wasn’t an option to reply, it could be seen as slightly annoying. “You’ve sent me a text, no I don’t want to phone you or visit your website, I want to reply to the text.

We have to make sure that we’re offering our customers the path of least resistance to respond. Make it easy for people and they’re far more likely to get in touch.

Bulk SMS response boosted with reply option

Text Marketer customer Pizza Planet, use the simply reply option to increase the response rate to their bulk sms campaign by 17%.

Restaurant Manager, Amir explained:

“I’ve been using bulk sms for a few years now and it works very well for me. If I send out a campaign I can predict pretty accurately how many orders I’m likely to get. This helps me order the right quantity of ingredients at my restaurants. 

The last campaign I sent included a reply option. All the customer had to do was reply ‘yes’ to the text and we would call them back and take their order. We were surprised that we got 17.6 % more orders than we would normally expect.”

So by offering a reply option, Pizza Planet were able to create a very measurable increase in the profitability of their bulk sms campaign. It’s hardly ground breaking or particularly creative but it’s simple and remarkably effective.

All Text Marketer accounts come with a free reply number (and we don’t charge for incoming reply texts that are delivered to you by email) so you can include a text response option at no additional cost. You can set up a bulk SMS account with us if you don’t already have one. You’ll receive 10 free text credits for testing so you can see how it works before buying any text credits.

If you’d like to discuss any element of your mobile marketing campaign, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our number can be found on our contact page.

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