Advanced Functions of Text Marketer you might not know about

Since 1999, many advanced functions have been added to the Text Marketer platform to allow for better SMS Marketing campaigns and ease of integration with other software packages.
With our easy-to-use Bulk SMS system you can copy & paste some numbers in, type a message and hit send to whizz out an SMS Campaign in seconds. But, there are some clients who need more advanced functions. There are also new styles of marketing campaign that can be created with advanced functions.
This is a list of some of the advanced functionality available with Text Marketer;


Send SMS to a Merge Group
A great too for personalising SMS messages in Bulk. Useful for sending out member information or just good old name personalisation.
Text Message autoresponses
When somebody texts in a keyword to 88802 you can send up to 8 timed text autoresponses. Great for something like a ‘clue a day’ competition or an ‘offer a week’ promotion. Drives substantially better ROI from advertising.
Send Email autoresponses to incoming text messages
Great for following up with more detailed information such as menus, property or job details. You can autorespond by Email if it’s included in the incoming message.
Free Text Reply Number
Use the free text reply number in your account to allow people to reply to you by SMS. Our recent study on consumer attitudes to SMS Marketing show that people want to be able to reply by text message.
Free Unsubscribe Feature
Make sure you stay within the law (and also keep your customers happy) by including an opt out option in your texts.
txtUs Text Conversations
Have text message conversations with your customers which are all run by email from your point of view.
The Address Book function
Allows you to upload additional data against contacts so you can quickly fiter & select to send to specific groups of contacts.
Manage all your contacts centrally with Google Contacts
Manage all your contacts in one place, Google Contacts and synchronise with your Text Marketer account.
Mailchimp Integration
If you use Mailchimp you can synchronise your contacts with Text Marketer but also allow people to join your Mailchimp list by text message.
Capsule CRM Integration
As above, send to your Capsule contacts or allow them to text you and join your list.
Recurring Invoicing
Get an invoice automatically created and sent to your accounts department when you credits get to a certain level.
Create and manage an unlimited number of Text Marketer accounts as an Administrator
Useful for agencies, companies with many offices or resellers. Manage all your accounts in one place, set up new accounts and transfer credits between accounts.


‘Plug-n-Play’ Code Samples
Integration with our SMS Gateway needn’t be a headache using our plug-n-play code samples.
Integrate SMS with many of the top software packages
Our systems can integrate SMS with almost any popular software package.


Form 2 SMS
Enable your website to send out text messages with product or contact details and collect mobile numbers in the process for future marketing campaigns.
Extract Name & Email Addresses from incoming text responses
When running a campaign you can ask for additional data in the response such as name and email address. This nifty Excel tool helps you extract the data in a usable format.