Mobile Marketing – 68% of Consumers Want To Receive Offers by Text Message

The results of a comprehensive consumer study into what people think about mobile marketing texts have been released.

We commissioned a survey that asked 1358 UK consumers what they think about receiving texts from companies and organisations. We were slightly anxious that we might find out that everyone hates being sold stuff by SMS, so we were hugely relieved that the reverse was actually the case.

The headline stat that we think all marketers should take notice of is this;

68% of UK consumers would like to receive text offers from companies that they have purchased from.

So that’s a strong endorsement of the popularity of SMS as a sales channel.

Compare that with how many marketing texts people actually receive and there’s a monstrous chasm of an opportunity that’s not currently being filled. A paltry 12% of people had actually received a text offer from any company that they had bought from in the past 3 months. So the message seems to be loud and clear. Most people want to receive offers by text but hardly anyone is actually getting them.

People were equally strident in their opinions on the importance of being able to opt out of mobile marketing texts. 92% of consumers believed that it was very important to be able to opt out and 85% explained that they would not purchase from companies that did not include an opt out on their mobile marketing campaign. So mobile marketers be warned. Include the opt out or risk losing your customers. (Text Marketer customers have a free opt out tool in their accounts.) We’ve compiled all the key findings from the survey into a nifty infographic below, so you’ll find it easy to digest.

Text Marketer what customers really want infographic

So 68% of people want to receive mobile marketing messages only 12% currently do. It’s a good time to get involved. If you’d like to explore mobile marketing, help yourself to a free account. It’s far less complicated than you might think. Your account comes with some free text credits for testing. We’d love to hear from you too. Our details are on our contacts page.