The most responsive text message campaign ever?

More sales? More enquiries? That’s what all businesses want, isn’t it?

With e-commerce conversion rates running at around 10% (or more, if you’re Amazon!) we want the details of the other 90% who aren’t buying, don’t we?
They’ve visited our site. They must be interested in the product. Why aren’t they speaking to us?

Roll up, roll up … the most responsive texting campaign ever …

Shortcode SMS Service UK low cost

In tests, over 40% of website visitors were texting in to get the daily 10% off discount code. All of this data is then captured in your Text Marketer account for future promotional activity.

It happens to be a simple text response mechanic, requesting today’s x% off discount code!

“In tests, over 40% of website visitors were texting in to get the discount code. That means we’re capturing the mobile numbers of 40% of website visitors which can be used for future text promotion activities – wonderful.”

It’s a very simple text message autoresponse mechanic that works off of our Shortcode SMS Service (you even get a free text response code with every new account).
Sure, it won’t work if you’re selling nuclear submarines for example but for more mainstream businesses that can operate a discount code system for sales from their websites, this is ‘probably‘ the most responsive text message campaign we’ve ever seen.

For the even more adventurous amongst you, you could even try a follow-up text autoresponder mechanic that sends up to 8 discount codes per day or week …
This is one of those ‘no brainer’ moments. I would urge every company to give it a test.