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HAILO Use Text Marketer’s Web-based SMS System

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Hailo use Bulk smsHAILO, The Black Cab App people are using Text Marketer as a way of contacting their network of drivers. They’re not using the SMS API as the driver database receives the same message at the same time and it doesn’t need to be personalised. They are using our web-based bulk SMS platform to deliver messages.

Anyone that has used HAILO will know that they have completely revolutionised hailing a cab. They’ve done to the taxi world what sat nav did to map reading. With just two clicks on their app, you can order a taxi, knowing who the driver is, how far he or she is away, their number plate and mobile phone number. It’s an unbelievable service and it seems that most black cabs in London have signed up. We can’t wait until they expand to Bristol.

So we’re delighted that they have chosen us as their bulk SMS provider. Our reliability has clearly got the nod as messages have to arrive reliably at the set time. The bulk SMS account is also very easy to use. Within just a few minutes of setting up an account, customers can be sending their first bulk SMS campaigns. Users can either simply copy and paste a list of numbers or create a group and upload numbers to it. Either way it’s extremely easy to use.

Setting up an account is free and customers receive free text credits for testing, so they can check whether the SMS system is right for them. We are always on hand to answer any queries whether they be ‘button pressing’ or more about the right strategy to use. It might be that our SMS API is the way to go. This allows you to automate the sending of business texts from your software, app or website.

Whichever route is best, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to give us a call; our number is on the contacts page.



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