SMS API Integration – British Red Cross Uses SMS Reminders

british red cross-use sms APIBritish Red Cross has started using Text Marketer’s SMS API as a way of reminding people about their attendance at a series of events this spring. By automating the sending of SMS alerts, apart from the initial SMS API integration, which will have taken a day or so, there is absolutely no button pressing to get the text alerts to the mobiles.

The text alerts are simply triggered by their system, based on a set time before the event itself. For many organisations non-attendance at events for which people have confirmed they would attend is an expensive problem. Having booked a venue size that is appropriate for the audience, it’s annoying and an expensive waste if half the people are ‘no shows’.

Sending an SMS alert can decrease non-attendance by as much as 50%. It’s much harder to not bother turning up if you received a timely text reminder.

For most text alert applications, integrating with our SMS API is pretty straightforward. There are two versions. A simple SMS API which allows you to get up and running very quickly indeed. The record I think is around 7 minutes. For a more powerful solution with more tools, we have our RESTful SMS API. Both have clear, logical and detailed documentation.

SMS API accounts are free to set up and come with free credits for testing. Let us know if you need more text credits, we always happy to add more if needed. We’ve been helping companies of all types integrate with our SMS API for many years, so please do give us a call if you need some help. We may well have some suggestions for the best way forward. Our numbers are on the contacts page.