Becoming a Text Marketer Reseller – How it Works

Reselling SMS can be a very profitable activity for a host of companies. If you have a bank of clients already then there’s a good chance that many of them already use SMS Marketing. You can introduce Text Marketer and pretty much guarantee to reduce their costs – as we’re the low-cost SMS company. This means you’re doing them a favour and also generating some additional income for your business.

With our reseller arrangement, we pay commission on the total sales value for the life of the account. Given that most companies who use SMS tend to stay with us for many many years, then the overall commission from one account can be sizeable over the lifetime of that account. In addition, SMS Marketing is set to grow for many years to come so you’ll have a growing revenue stream as well.


  • As a reseller, you will have an ‘administrator’ account.
  • From this account, you will be able to create ‘sub-accounts’ for your customers, see all your sub-account activity, manage all your sub-accounts and transfer credits between your account and your sub-accounts.
  • Every sub-account gets their own free reply number and also a free keyword on our shortcode. A fully fledged SMS Marketing system.
  • You can manage SMS for your customers or give them the login details and let them run their campaigns.
  • You will also be given a partner code which you can use if people you are introducing sign up directly with us instead of you creating accounts for them. This will also link their account to your administrator account.
  • You will receive 10% of the total sales value of any account you introduce, for the life of that account. Subject to a minimum monthly commission of £50 (for all your accounts) and applies to sub-accounts on standard prices only.

How to set up your reseller/affiliate account:

1. First, you need to open a standard Text Marketer account if you don’t already have one.

2. Log in and go to Financial | Become a Partner in the menu & get your partner code.

3. Contact us with the company name of your account and request it to be an administrator account.

Using your Administrator account:
– After we’ve made your account admin status, you’ll notice you now have the ‘Admin functions’ option in your main menu of Message Box. Click on this and you will enter the admin area where you can manage your sub accounts. It’s fairly self-explanatory but there are more detailed instructions here.
– You will also have your partner code by now and instructions are on the partner resources page – go back to Financial | Become a Partner in your account if you missed this.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you white label? – We don’t. We found that people find us anyway and then sign up direct so partners would lose out if they try to pretend they have their own system. Plus, you would get all the support calls!

Is a sub-account different? – No. A sub-account is a fully fledged account, it’s just linked to your admin account. This way you can manage SMS Campaigns for your clients or equally give them the log in details and they can manage it all themselves.

Some competitors of yours offer higher % rates. Why should I use Text Marketer? – We’ve thought this through carefully. Find out why here

How is commission paid? – At the end of each month, we total the sales in all your sub-accounts and then send you a statement. You simply invoice us for that month’s commission.

Can I use all the material on your site? – Yes, of course. Everything on our site is freely available to you to help you help your customers.