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Bulk SMS Bolsters Bathroom Sales

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Travis Perkins use bulk smsTravis Perkins Newark is the latest of the famous building merchant sites to start using SMS alerts as a way of enticing customers to the store. 

Builders are a notoriously tricky bunch to pin down. They’re always on the move and rarely have access to email. They tend not to spend much time online compared with other professions; so many digital channels are closed off. 

Their mobiles by contrast are absolutely vital and no builder would have a business if they didn’t have a mobile phone to keep in touch with their customers and prospects. So by using bulk SMS as a way of getting a simple sales message across, Travis Perkins have chosen absolutely the correct communication channel for their target audience. 

The offer for March is based on a low-cost bathroom suite, one of the staple purchases for many domestic builders. Their no-nonsense approach is likely to appeal and has every chance of generating a high response. 


Through no particular efforts of our own, we seem to have picked up several Travis Perkins sites. It would appear that using bulk SMS to deliver SMS alerts is becoming more popular and presumably effective as the sites that do it tend to continue. In general the volumes of business SMS continue to grow while strong EU regulations protect us from most spam, apart of course, from the now dwindling PPI and accident spam. 

If you haven’t yet explored what web SMS services might do for your business, please feel free to set up an account. You will get some free text credits for testing and we are always on hand to help with any button pressing.

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