Changing your Account Details with Message Box

Viewing and changing your Account Details with Message box couldn’t be easier.
Sign up for a free account on Text Marketer then when you arrive at the Message Box homepage, simply click on the ‘Account Settings’ button and you will arrive at the page below.
Message Box account details

Download the full instructional PDF here
Viewing and changing your Account Details
Viewing and editing your Account Details is easy and quick with Message Box.
At the top right of your Message Box screen you will see a little person icon, hover over this and a dropdown will appear – select ‘Account settings’. Here is where all your account details are stored, if you want to change any, simply click into the type field, type away and hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen.
Setting credit alerts
Setting credit alerts is simple and can be very helpful.
You will see an area called ‘Account Alerts’. Simply type in the number of credits that you want to reach before you get an alert, and make sure it is ‘Active’ on the right.
Your alert will be sent to your email address.
Setting email authentication
Sometimes it’s easier just to type in your domain rather than remembering usernames and passwords.
Simply click ‘Active’ and type in your Authentication domain, it’s as easy as that.