Message Control – Send History, Delivery reports, txtUs and Keywords with Message Box

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Seeing your delivery reports, and configuring your Keywords is now as easy as ever with Message Box.

You will need to first have an account, and then simply click on the ‘Message Control’ button on the Message Box homepage, and you will be taken to the screen below.

Delivery reports and your Keywords with Message Box from Text Marketer

 Other Instructions

Rather read than watch, then watch the Video Instructions here

Download the full instructional PDF here



Looking at your sent and schedule messages on Message Box with Text Marketer

On the left you will see your 'Inoboxes', containing your sent, scheduled send, and API sent items.

Look at your sent and scheduled messages

Your sent and scheduled messages are simply organised into folders.

On the left you will see your Outboxes which has everything you have sent or are planning to send.






Using your Outboxes on Message Box from Text Marketer

Simply click on the relevant Outbox folder to see your Keyword replies, Unsubscribed numbers, and Virtual number replies.

Looking at your replies

Inboxes is a collection of your replies, unsubscribed numbers and your Virtual Long Number.

The top folder here is our Keyword, which if we click on we will see all our replies from this Keyword.

The second folder is our unsubscribed numbers that have in this case text back Stop to unsubscribe from our messages.

Then we have our Virtual Long Number, which has all our replies.


Looking at your Delivery Reporting on Message Box by Text Marketer

Click on your desired message, then you will see a Delivery Report on the right, which you can export by clicking the 'Export' button below.

Looking at your Delivery Reports

To look at your Delivery Reports couldn’t be easier, simply click on your desired campaign in your Inbox then your delivery Report will appear on the right.

You can also export this Delivery Report in several file types, by clicking on the ‘Export’ button below.




Exporting your Delivery Reports on Message Box from Text Marketer

Simply by clicking on the 'Export' button in the toolbar you can export all your Delivery Reports or a select few.

Exporting multiple Delivery Reports

Exporting your Delivery Reports with Message Box is so easy.

Click on the ‘Export’ button in the above toolbar, then simply select which file type you would prefer.

A pop up window will appear asking which reports you would like to export, and it’s as easy as that.

For more detail on the outcome definitions of your sent messages click here


Configuring and replying using your Keyword on Message Box from Text Marketer

You can reply and configure your Keyword by clicking on the 'Configure button in the top toolbar.

Configuring your Keyword or txtUs number

You can configure your Keyword or txtUs Virtual Mobile Number in the message control screen.

Click on the item you wish to change and click the ‘Configure’ button in the toolbar at the top of the page, then a pop up window will appear which allows you change the settings, email recipients of incoming responses and/or autoresponses.



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