University of Bradford chooses Text Marketer

university of bradford uses SMSUniversity of Bradford has recently started using Text Marketer’s web-based SMS software to communicate with potential applicants. This brings the total number of universities and colleges using the SMS system to over 50.

There is no more effective way of getting a message directly and reliably to students than by using SMS. All students own mobiles and they are switched on almost all of the time. Delivery rates for SMS are over 98%, unlike e-mail which can only claim 20% or less. We all know this from our own experience. When was the last time that you ignored a text? This simple fact remains the most important reason why business SMS is so effective and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

The cost of business SMS services has also come down in recent years. Text Marketer’s prices are over 40% lower than they were four years ago. With a simple pay-as-you-go service, customers can buy text credits online whenever they wish. There is no minimum order and text credits never expire. This low cost approach allows schools and colleges to get started with SMS without the need to apply budgets or get bogged down in long strategy meetings.

The free business SMS trial, which is available to all new users, allows colleges to see the whole business SMS platform for free before spending anything on text credits. The account even comes with some free text credits for testing.

If you would like to see how effective SMS could be for your organisation, please feel free to set up an account. We’re always on hand to answer any queries you may have, so please call us for a chat. Our details can be found on our contacts page