SMS Companies

SMS Companies

How do you choose from all the SMS Companies?

There are a plethora of SMS Companies out there. How do you choose which one is best for you?
Well, we’re one of them so why should you listen to us? Maybe you shouldn’t. But, the worst case scenario is that we’ll give you the main points on which you can judge which of the SMS Companies is best for you.
Is reliability of service important?
If it is for you then you need to ask, “how much experience do you have?”. Although the final product is very simple, you’d be amazed at how complex it is to successfully run an SMS Company and keep the service running 24/7. Experience counts for everything.
Is price important to you?
Usually the answer is yes! The main question to ask here is what quality of route do you use for your price? Direct UK networks or outside of the UK? If they don’t go direct via UK network operators, you could suffer huge delays and/or reduced delivery rates.
Do my credits expire?
This is a terrible practice by some SMS Companies – but it’s still all too common. You buy your credits and if you don’t use them within x months, they delete them! Awful – but do check with any SMS Company you talk to that they don’t do this.
Who are the main SMS Companies?
We’ve tried to do this work for you. Visit our SMS Companies Prices page and you’ll see our prices and then you can also click the competitors’ prices tab to see the main SMS Companies and their prices and what they include in their package.

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